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Learn more about having a PWD puppy

CH Torrid Zone Sir Wranglermere

Bred by Meg DeFore

The PWD is an intelligent and easy to train dog, and is a great choice for someone who would like to do Agility, Obedience, Water or other performance venues. Temperament issues can develop when your puppy is not properly socialized. While with the litter focus training, crate and potty training have already begun. When the puppy goes to it's new home it is important to continue and build on their social skills and be sure to set consistent rules. 

CH Torrid Zone Reflects De Sol CGC, AWD

Bred by Meg DeFore

Puppies learn bite inhibition normally by 18 weeks of age. You must be patient with your puppy and be prepared for these sharp puppy teeth. If your puppy begins to bite redirect attention to a toy or other teething object instead of your skin. 

If left unsupervised your puppy will likely damage things in your home. Destruction is a product of boredom & lack of supervision. If left outdoors a puppy may bark or dig. 

Exercise is important, a tired puppy is a good puppy, but physical exercise is not the only thing that will tire your puppy. Work with your puppy to learn tricks and wanted behaviors, this can relax your puppy as well. 

Getting involved in water can be fun, the Regional PWD Club has water camps in the spring and summer and an early land training day here on my property yearly in mid March. As a new puppy owner your first year of membership to the club is free, after that is is a small fee to renew your membership. 

Locate a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) in your area 1800-PET-Dogs or has a list of dog clubs, find one near you and join a puppy class. 

The dog earned the name Lion Dog because of it's historical clip. The Portuguese Water Dog comes in curly or wavy coat textures and has two different hair styles.

The "working" or "retriever" clip is seen on many pet owners dogs, although it is allowed in the show ring. The style is a 1" blanket of hair over the entire body. The hair at the end of it's tail is always kept unshorn, this was considered the rudder when swimming. 

The "lion clip" is seen on most show dogs, wavy and curly. Some people may think this looks too much like a poodle, but the PWD actually wore this cut before the poodle. The hair on the front of the dog, or jacket, is long, this helps keep the dog buoyant in the water while swimming and keep the heart and lungs protected. The rear is shaved for better swimming ability, and as in the retriever cut the end of the tail is always unshorn. 

Your puppy should be brought to a groomer a month or so after it arrives in your home and have monthly or bi-monthly groomer visits. Plan to spend $50-$150 for a groom depending on where you live and your groomer. 

You puppy's nails should be trimmed at least monthly. 

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