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Suggested Shopping List to Welcome your HiBisKiss Puppy Home


Suggested Size Medium to Medium-Large 36" X 23"X 26" should be plenty of room

As an adult you will still want to occasionally crate your dog. I suggest getting a size you can use for the life of the dog, often they come with puppy separators so you can make the crate smaller when the puppy needs less space and is potty training. 

I don't suggest a plastic crate, they are hard to store unless you have a big attic or storage unit.

Food and Water Bowls

Purchase metal or ceramic dishes. Plastic bowls can harbor bacteria, I do not recommend them. I like a 2 quart metal bowl for food. I prefer ceramic for water because they are less likely to scoot them around the floor. You can also get a 2 quart bucket for your crate if your pup spends time during the day it the crate. 

Sealed Food Storage Container

You should not buy huge bags of kibble. The kibble may go rancid over time. Check your freshness date on the dog food and purchase no more than 15 pounds at a time. You do not eat stale food, your dog prefers not to either. 

Bait Bag & Clicker

My personal favorite is the Gentle Leader Bait bag. It opens and snaps closed with a hinge to keep your treats from falling out. It also has a nice pocket for your keys & cash and a second pocket for a poop bag and clicker for training.

Poop Bags

Please be a responcible owner in public and pick up your dogs waste. For the yard you may consider a poop shovel & rake.

Slicker Brush

Start early getting your puppy used to the brush. Reward good behavior with treats to insure it enjoys being groomed. 


Purchase a metal one. Use the comb to go over your brushing to insure you have the knots out right down to the skin. 

Gentle Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner

Do not skip out on regular conditioning of the coat. It makes coat management easier. 

Nail Clipper & Styptic Powder

Start early with your puppy, clip nails often to insure good orthopedic health of the foot. Do not clip too much at a time and keep styptic powder on hand in the event you might take a bit to much off. 

Purchase puppy's collar AFTER you get your puppy.

You can take your puppy to the store and purchase the right size collar. You will probably purchase several during the growing period of your puppy. I do not recommend keeping a collar on your dog when it is not in your view. A collar can catch on an object and the puppy can choke itself. If not watched this could have serious consequences. 


Do not purchase a harness unless the lead attaches below the chin or chest area. Harnesses teach dogs to PULL. Gentle Leader makes a harness that attaches fro the front to encourage a dog not to pull, this type is okay but the best way to keep a dog from pulling while walking is training.

Leashes, also called Leads

You will be given a Torrid Zone Kennel Lead to take your puppy home. Listen carefully how to insure your puppy should wear a kennel lead to insure you do not damage the neck of a growing puppy. You may purchase several styles of leads for your dog. You may want a short 3' lead for taking your puppy shopping or in an are where there are many peopple. Many basic obedience classes require a 6' lead for training class. I like walking my dogs on a 4' lead. There are leads for people with an Agility fancy, tracking, conformation and just for fun. 

Care ride safety equipment

Buying a new car to insure there is space for the dog crate might be in your mind. IF not, you can purchase a dog safety belt. A dog loose in the car can jump on you and disrupt your driving which may possibly cause an accident. 


Kong makes terrific products. Get a big Kong and stuff it with soft and hard treats. This is great for occupying a puppy in a crate while you are on the computer sending me pictures of your puppy and telling me what exciting things your puppy has learned. 

Soft toys are fun for a puppy but playtime should be supervised. Stop them from pulling the stuffing out or destroying the toy. Take the toy away if that should happen and entertain him with another chewing toy. 


Start with the food I have recommended. If you would like to switch to another  puppy food later be sure it is a quality grain free product. Find a local distributor and get small bags of food. There are companies that ship food, I like this method it eliminates lugging cumbersome bags of dog food from the store. Always feed a healthy food.

Treats of many sizes, flavors and textures

Chop hot dogs, string cheese, bits of chicken. These are cheaper and better for them than what you can purchase in the store, but sometimes not as convenient. I like using both store bought and home made. Keep the dog guessing which one will he be rewarded with. 

Be sure to make an appointment with your Vet within the first 3 days after getting your puppy. Your puppy will not need shots at this time. This is only for your vet to meet your puppy and insure your puppy is health and you can set up a vaccine regimen for the future.

Keep my number in your "favorites" and call or text at any time if you have questions or concerns, or just want to brag about what your puppy is doing. 

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