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Powerful & Well Balanced

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

The Portuguese Water Dog is a Robust,

Self-willed loyal companion

Obedient with those who look after it


 Meg DeFore &  HiBisKiss

Portuguese Water Dogs Breeding Program

The mission is to preserve and further the Portuguese Water Dog as a breed, so I am extremely careful in my breeding practices and selectively breed only when a perfect match is evident. For the most part, I take pride in owner handling my dogs in the show ring.


To compete with professional handlers, I must be producing top quality dogs, physically, and mentally. Not every dog is selected for a future of showing and performance. I like to think of even my pet owner's dogs as Champions of their home.


I have owned Portuguese Water Dogs since the early 90's, every litter is a special breeding for me. Once born the Portuguese Water Dog Puppies will stay with their mother at least 8 weeks. During the time, the puppies are with the litter they learn how to deal with their world. I recommend the book "How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With" by Rutherford, this gives a good explanation of my philosophies towards socializing the litter and what I expect from you to continue this process. I do early stimulation that helps to build a sound dog and implement my personal "Puppy Culture" development exercises that align with the Portuguese Water Dog development I am sure you will be grateful to know you will be getting a quality dog, along with the guidance and support often needed when adding a dog to your household. Temperament evaluations are done to ensure that you get a dog that is going to fit well with you & your family. Please remember having a puppy takes a lot of energy, commitment and training.  I commit to lifelong responsibility for these pups. In other words, I commit to take them back (for any reason) if you could no longer care for them. 

Please fill out the questionnaire, after it is completed, click on the submit button. I will put you on a wait list and contact you when we have puppies, your answers will help me understand your expectations for your dog and make the best puppy match possible for your lifestyle. 


HiBisKiss Portuguese Water Dogs 

Meg DeFore

both of us with title ribbon_edited.jpg

Our Boys


CH,GCH Torrid Zone
Highway To The Danger Zone 
Raleigh 9_22_edited.jpg

Maverick, a Crush son I bred out of Sizzle, is currently showing, he ranked #21 in the breed in 2022. He lives in Fairfax, VA with Maureen and Rob Lederer. Maverick has a dense black curly coat. He is a spirited dog devoted to his owners. Rob's dream is to reach the top 20 and to hear Maverick's theme song played at the  Specialty.

He was shown to championship by Angie Chase and is currently being shown by Miyuki Ueno.


CH Torrid Zone
Frankly My Dear GROM

Frank was awarded his Championship and has continued adding titles in Obedience, Rally, Agility and Water earning the Achiever Dog award by AKC

and was awarded a Gold level Register of Merit in 2018 which honors dogs that compete in multiple venues of dog sports. Frank thrived on his athletic abilities. One of my proudest moments was when he received his Courier Water Title. 

My Senior

Our Girls


GCH HiBisKiss And
A Smile 

podium picture with judge.jpg

Cokie, is from the Soda litter. She earned her Championship and all but the final points for Grand with Angie Chase, Chalanco Kennel. Angie couldn't show her in Brooksville so I started her, and what a surprise, I took her to Best of Breed in our first show to finish her Grand with a 5 point major. Coke is training for Agility and has earned a junior Water certificate.


Ch HiBisKiss Black Cherry AWD,CGCA,TKI,RN
Ocala 2023 Rick Meyeer Chanel Lafever BOB.jpg

Cherry earned her Championship from the exclusive Bred By Exhibitor Classes handled by Me with two 5 point majors. What a thrill to earn this so easily entirely in the month of January, then to top it off she won the breed the following day. Look for her in the conformation ring in the fall. Cherry is also from the soda litter, working in the water and training for Agility.


HiBisKiss It's Got To Be Shasta CGC,TKN
3 girls in 4th_edited.jpg

Shasta, a soda litter girl, is owned by John and Cathy Rodenburg, of Deland, FL. Shasta is currently showing with professional handler, Angela Chase.

Shasta earned her Junior Water Certificate at the Specialty and is training for an Apprentice water title.

They have recently added a baby sister to keep Shasta busy.


GCH Torrid Zone Holy Smoke! CGC,TKN,BN, RN, WWDX

Spark was as talented as she is beautiful, and the perfect mother. Her father held a position in the top 20 and Spark has produced 2 offspring in the top 20. She was second generation Excellent rated hips and offspring x-rayed are also rated Excellent.

Spark was competing in Courier level water title when she passed.


Torrid Zone
Barefoot In The Park
CJ handling stack picture.jpeg

This adorable girl is owned by Jane & Ron Edelman 

She has competed in conformation and in the water 

Her get black wavy coat is impressive following her Paternal line.

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CH Torrid Zone
Reflets De Sol AWD, ACTII,CGC

Sizzle has a beautiful shiny black wavy coat. She finished her Championship handled by CJ Farve and continue her show career owner handled by me, her breeder. She has had multiple Owner handler Group wins. 

Sizzle earned the Apprentice level water title and started into Agility training earning an ACT II title. 


HiBisKiss logo 1.png


Cokie puppies in the Spring
Our Girls
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