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A glimmer of eyes peaking now.

It is starting my favorite time of their progress when their eyes begin to open and they realize the warm body they have been snuggling against may actually be a friend to interact with. I hesitate to say "play" at this point because it's more like let me taste your nose and maybe your face, no teeth so nobody gets hurt...that comes later.

I noticed the silver collared boy first. I would think his eyes will be open by tomorrow evening. For the past few days their eyes have become more defined, closed, but now they don't look sealed. When they open the pup it takes a while for them to have clear vision. Their eye color starts as a blue that reminds me of the waters of the gulf stream.

The litter will have a visitor or two this weekend. We are hosting the United Sunshine State Portuguese Water Dog Club's land training for water in our yard. Tom and Judy Leather come down from Colbert, GA to put this event on for the Club annually. It is the kick off to water season and I am looking forward to it.

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